Live in Madagascar

Did you know that living in Madagascar is an extraordinary experience? You have surely already heard of the big island, or one of your relatives would have already made the adventure of staying in Madagascar. We can say that Madagascar offers a completely different setting from any other country.For foreign students wishing to continue their studies at ENEAM, note that the school is located in Ivato Antananarivo, five minutes from the International Airport. Many activities are close to this village which is developing enormously, and also there are several establishments useful for our daily routines (shopping center, restaurant, market, park and nature reserve,…).



22 regions make up the big island. Our school is located in the Analamanga region.The Malagasy, being a fairly young and active population, have a reputation for being very welcoming, good-natured.

Malagasy is the national language, but a very large part of the population, especially in the capital, Antananarivo, understands French and uses it fluently, knowing that it is also the administrative language and the language of instruction in the majority of establishments. .


Daily life

Knowing that ENEAM is located near Ivato International Airport, accommodation should not be a concern since foreign students can easily find accommodation between 150 € and 200 € rent. We can help foreign students to find accommodation not far from school dependinf on their budget, if necessary. With regard to catering, several places are recommended near the school and around Ivato. The prices are affordable and the varieties of cuisine are huge. Note that the main dish of the Malagasy is rice, but the latter are also great enthusiasts of the culinary art.For transport, there are means of public transport connecting Ivato and the city of Antananarivo. We call these means of transport “taxibé” and we pay in cash about 800 Ariary per way.