ENEAM Network

The main objective of this network is to maintain and maintain links between ENEAM alumni, students in the current class, instructors and parents of students, enabling them to provide mutual support for all members of the network. Management is an integral part of the network. Currently, being part of an active and important network is a huge opportunity for everyone to build professional and personal relationships.


  • Who will keep the ENEAM network alive?
    • All ENEAM alumni will support the ENEAM network.
    • All students who have graduated from ENEAM will be the backbone of the ENEAM network.
    • The students of the current class are an integral part of the network.
  • Who can join the network ?
    • The ENEAM faculty
    • The parents of ENEAM students
    • all natural or legal persons wishing to financially support the activities of the network (will be designated as Sponsor)