Flight Operations Officer

The training for Flight Operations Officer is intended for all interested persons, according to the following criteria:

  • Male or female,
  • Over the age of 18,
  • holder of the baccalaureate diploma in general secondary education, scientific series or industrial technique or civil engineering.


The training is sanctioned by the License for Flight Operations Officer issued by the Civil Aviation of Madagascar.


Admission :

Admission to ENEAM is only by means of an assessment test.

The evaluation test includes the following subjects, based on the program of Terminale C:

  • Mathematics,
  • English,
  • Psychotechnical test.


Theoretical training :

The theoretical training lasts about 12 months, followed by a theoretical examination organized by the Civil Aviation of Madagascar.


Practical training :

Before being presented for practical exams, the candidate must:

  • Have passed the theoretical exams
  • Carry out practical training of around 35 hours in the classroom at ENEAM
  • Perform a 90-day aircraft operating internship with an aeronautical company
  • Perform a familiarization flight (flight preparation, actual flight, flight report) the costs of which are borne by the candidate
  • Possibly, carry out training on a flight simulator – FNTP (Flight Navigation and Procedure Trainer) – at the candidate’s expense, to experience the essential sequences of a flight in concrete terms and assess the technical constraints often faced by the flight crew of an aircraft.

The candidate must complete an internship of 11 months after passing the practical exams before the issue of the License for Flight Operations Officer.

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