Professional Pilot

The Professional Pilot training is intended for all interested persons, according to the following criteria:

  • Male or female,
  • Over the age of 16,
  • holder of the baccalaureate diploma in general secondary education, scientific series or industrial engineering or civil engineering.


Admission :

Admission to ENEAM is only by means of an assessment test.
The evaluation test includes the following subjects, based on the program of Terminale C:

  • Mathematics,
  • English,
  • Psychotechnical test.


Theoretical training :

Successful candidates must pass a physical and mental fitness medical examination.

The theoretical trainging lasts about ten months, followed by a theoretical examination, organized by the Civil Aviation of Madagascar. It is sanctioned by the Theoretical License of Professional Pilot delivered by the Civil Aviation of Madagascar.


Practical training :

Practical flight training, in 3 phases:

  • Training to obtain the Private Airplane Pilot License (PPL (A)): up to approximately 70 hours of flight, training on small single-engine aircraft, depending on the student’s competence;
  • Continuation of the training to obtain the Professional Pilot Airplane License (CPL (A)): up to 200 hours flight minimum, training on more efficient aircraft, depending on the competence of the student;
  • 50 hours minimum additional flight on twin-engined aircraft for obtaining the Instrument flight Rating (IR (A)).

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