Transport and Supply Chain Fair, 5th edition, 2023

Although ENEAM has existed for almost half a century, there remains a continuous work to promote the school through the various events organized in the field of transport and meteorology, in order to further increase the notoriety of the school.

On April 28, 29 and 30, 2023, ENEAM displayed itself at the 5th edition of the Transport and Supply Chain Fair held at the Barea Mahamasina Stadium. This is an event allowing the various actors in the field of transport to create new business opportunities and to strengthen commercial exchanges with the public. This opportunity allowed us to meet a large part of our targets since the location was accessible by the majority of the public knowing that it took place in the city center. During these three days, the ENEAM team did their utmost to best meet the demands of the public and meet their needs.

In collaboration with Malagasy Flight Simers, we were able to present to the public the flight simulator corresponding to the aircraft pilot training within ENEAM. Visitors to our stand had the opportunity to enjoy the presence of this device and feel the sensation of piloting an aircraft with the guide of young MFS’s professionals, practicing in the field of piloting. The many visitors of all ages who came to our stand during this show proved that Malagasy people are still enormously attracted to the aeronautical professions. Even if it starts with a dream, a passion or an ambition, most young people are stubborn to achieve their goal by any means, an enthusiastic spirit to adopt.