On Friday March 24, 2023, the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology carried out reforestation with the aim of participating in the reforestation of Madagascar. This year, the Ministry chose Anjeva for this activity and more than 400 participants collaborated to plant approximately 2000 trees (ash and acacias). ENEAM, as an attached organization to the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology, was part of this dynamic team that participated in the reforestation. The 28 km journey was made by rail from Soarano Station to Anjeva, followed by a walk to reach the reforestation site. An exciting adventure that the ten ENEAM students, selected to bear the name of the school, will keep in mind throughout their lives.

Aware of the degradation of the current environment, ENEAM contributes each year to reforestation with the supervisory Ministry, for the benefit of the future generation.