Awareness campaign

This year, ENEAM launched an awareness campaign in order to promote the school and encourage young high school students to already consider their future career.

On January 24, 2020, our team met the students of Collège Saint Michel Amparibe, a meeting that lasted a good hour. Faced with a hundred students, the majority of whom were fascinated by the aeronautical sector, our team presented the ENEAM and explained in detail the training offered, as well as the school’s projects, so that the young students can have an idea of ​​the discovery and the future which opens to them. Knowing that several of them are interested in the presentation, a question and answer session closed the meeting.

This is just the beginning of a bond that is starting to be woven. We plan to keep this meeting with the Collège Saint Michel Amparibe, as well as other institutions, on an ongoing basis.