Jobs Forum – Collège de France Ankadilalana

Aviation jobs attract more and more young people these days. This statement was given to us proven, once again, during our intervention during the “Jobs Forum”, an event organized by the Collège de France in Ankadilalana during the month of February 2021.

Students in the second cycle of the scientific series have joined us in the Center for Documentation and computer science of the Collège de France in Ankadilalana, in order to attend the presentation of ENEAM and the professions of ENEAM. This presentation was followed by an exchange between the students and the ENEAM representative. Students of this establishment were more attracted by airplane piloting training. They rushed to ask about it and all have a great ambition in the field. Despite their fear of confronting the candidates having gone through the Malagasy educational curriculum, these students from the Collège de France are ready to invest in various training and preparatory courses in order to put themself at about the same level as the students of the Malagasy curriculum.

Passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic, these students have good visibility with regard to their future with ENEAM.