Our training

Over 40 years of experience in the fields of aeronautical training and meteorological training, ENEAM is constantly improving the quality of the training provided within its establishment. Three training cycles are currently provided by the school in continuing education, as : Professional Pilot Cycle, Operational Technical Agent Cycle and Meteorology Cycle. These courses are provided by professional instructors in their field and selected from the best. Conscious of the values, vision and missions of the school, our instructors are committed to providing the best support for our students, whether in theoretical training or during practical training. Besides this, in collaboration with partner organizations, ENEAM offers modular training courses at the request of its partners. Among other things, the modular training courses and jobs in the aeronautical industry provided by the ENEAM are ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electonics Personal), Rescue and Fire Fighting Agents, Aerodrome Commander, Shift Officers and track.