Speech from the General Manager

Since its creation, ENEAM has positioned itself as an exemplary and incomparable school in the fields of aeronautics and meteorology in Madagascar.

Choosing ENEAM means choosing a school of values ​​that trains people, who are destined for aeronautical and meteorology training, decidedly turned towards the future and innovation. Through innovative approaches and the professional pedagogy that we deploy, we bring a more efficient way to our training. We offer our trainees a unique course and experience, allowing them to review the world of aeronautics and that of meteorology with an exploratory eye in order to bring their dream to fruition so that it becomes a reality.
Certainly, obstacles can be numerous during their course but only the dedication of our trainees, and our work will offer them a promising future.
Thus, ENEAM opens its doors to all ambitious, passionate and professional aeronautical and meteorological careers.

“Fasten your seatbelts … Get ready to take off into your future!”