Visit of attached organizations to the ministry of transport and meteorology

ENEAM received this Thursday, March 16, 2023 the visit of His Excellency the Minister of Transport and Meteorology, Valery RAMONJAVELO, accompanied by his team. An interview with ENEAM Management and assisted by other representatives of related organizations operating in the field of aeronautics, in particular the Civil Aviation of Madagascar which is the competent authority governing the functioning of ENEAM in as the Aeronautical Training Center (A.T.O. – Approved Training Organism), as well as ENEAM’s other partners such as ADEMA, ASECNA, Ravinala Airports. It was an opportunity to highlight the facts and circumstances currently experienced within the school. This meeting was also an open door for ENEAM to consider solutions with its partners and outline development prospects for the school. Faced with the various current difficulties, ENEAM continues to develop relevant approaches in order to bring positive and progressive changes with the support of the supervisory ministry. After this meeting, the whole team made a site visit and spoke with the ENEAM students.